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Metatrak Wireless Tracker

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Metatrack Pulsar Wireless Tracker - Track, localize and Immobilization your tractor with a wireless protection system from your smartphone


Suitable for all types of vehicle and machinery

- Automotive - Motorcycle - Motor Home - Agricultural


Prevent vehicle theft with most comprehensive security and connectivity solution - METATRAK Wireless tracker

•Requiring no hard-wiring, discreet and cost-effective, Meta Trak Pulsar can be used to track a range of different asset types.
•Device wakes up 3 times a day to report its location, check Geo Fence and check for theft mode. 
•Once theft mode is activated the Meta Track Pulsar starts reporting its location every minute
•Comes with a three year service plan and professional theft management service.
•Integrated Geo Fence to alert if your asset travels outside a designated area
•Tracking maps displayed in Satellite or standard Map mode.
•Up to 20 trackers can be registered to one phone app. Available on Android and IOS.
UK & EU Coverage

Meta Track Pulsar GPS Tracker Installation details below 


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